Cosmetic Group USA strives to provide the best possible products and services in all areas of our relationship with you. In the area of new product development our Color R+D and Skin Science labs are ready to provide innovative formulas using the latest ingredients to fit your philosophy and target your market. Existing products will also be a focus so we can work together to develop trendsetting shade extensions. As we increasingly see our industry taken into a global marketplace that has undergone substantial change we find ourselves dealing with new sets of rules that need to be followed.

Cosmetic Group USA can provide the information you need to take your products into new markets. Our experienced chemists know which raw materials are approved for use in which countries and can work to create formulas tailored to your market. The paperwork necessary to register finished goods overseas can be provided by our Regulatory staff during the R+D process. Collaborating on exciting new projects while working to understand all that is required to make them a reality will help us both grow.

Cosmetic Group USA needs to partner with you to make these ventures a success. The time and effort necessary to turn an idea into a finished product has a real cost that needs to be addressed. Time and materials are spent on these ideas in our labs and, in order to continue to improve the service you receive from Cosmetic Group USA, Inc., we must institute lab fees. They are designed so that we can offer quality products while insuring that the lab’s time is directed towards projects that are moving forward.

The fees charged for development may be deducted from purchase orders as a project moves from R+D to Production. All projects will be evaluated on a case by case basis as they move through the development process to determine how the fees will be applied. We appreciate your business, and look forward to continued support for each others success.